The Strauss Salon Orchestra...

The music of Strauss Jr. has always remained popular with lovers of 'light music'. In his involvement with Liverpool's 'Viennese Balls' Greg Francis, conductor of the National Concert Orchestra of Great Britain, realised that there was a demand for an orchestra which not only specialised in playing the wonderful 'Salon Music' featured in the Coffee Houses of Vienna, but which could also perform the music in it's original form and size of orchestra. Thus, from the larger orchestra, was formed a smaller group of musicians. The original size of the Johann Strauss Jr. Salon Orchestra was 14 musicians, and the orchestra has therefore adopted this 'line up'.

The Salon Orchestra play all of those wonderful and beloved tunes written by Strauss Jr. - the 'King of the Waltz' and also, it features a number of the late Romantic Period tunes from Franz Lehar.

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